March 30th, 2020

My goal for the students in PE is to get outside and play and to make sure they are getting some physical exercise. We may be self -isolating at home, but we live in beautiful BC and we have lots of access to the outdoors. Thankfully, the weatherman is predicting good weather for us this week.

Some examples of potential activities:

  • go for a family walk in your neighbourhood or in a less populated spot out in the community
  • go for a bike ride
  • jump on the trampoline
  • kick a soccer ball around in your back yard or a nearby park if there is noone around
  • work on jump rope skills
  • work on dribbling skills with a basket ball and shoot some baskets into a garbage can
  • draw positive messages on the sidewalk in sidewalk chalk to bless people in your beighbourhood
  • cut out hearts in coloured paper and write positive messages and stick them under windshield wipers on cars parked along your street
  • do some yard clean up: pick up sticks, rocks, leaves, work to straighten up the flower beds
  • sweep the back patio and clean it up from the winter
  • wash the cars