March 30th, 2020

My goal for Art in the month of June is to enjoy all things summer. I know that your Art supplies at home may be limited and that each home will have different supplies. Please feel free to modify my design to fit your supplies and your child’s interest.

Week 11 Art – Popsicles

  • I understand that many of you feel finished with art and that’s OK. Please view this activity as optional. I will be doing it with my kids at school as they love art and I thought that I would share it with you!


Week 10 Art – Strawberries

  • Chilliwack is known for its super sweet and juicy strawberries and they are in season now! This art project connects nicely with our community building project.
  • The leaves are made from tracing the kids hands and having them cut them out.
  • You can use construction paper, paint or pencil crayons or whatever you have around your house.


Week 9 Art – Coffee filter watermelon

  • Start by cutting a coffee filter in half. If you do not have a coffee filter and cannot get one from a neighbour, you can do it on paper.
  • Dilute green paint and red paint with water.
  • Spray filter lightly with water from a spray bottle. Paint on the green rind and then leave a white band and then paint on the red.
  • After it is dry, you can make your seeds using a pencil, pencil crayon or felt.
  • I have been told that you can colour the filter with felts and then spray it with water to make the felt bleed, but I have never tried this version.


Week 8 Art: Ice cream

As the weather gets warmer and the sunny days more frequent, my mind turns to icre cream! What is your favourite type of ice cream?

  • Using paper and and art supplies that you have at home, show me what your favourite icre cream is!
  • Feel free to be as creative as you like!

Please send me a picture of your favourite ice cream!

Week 7 Art: A Sunny Day

We could all use some sunshine in our lives! For some reason, the sunshine makes the days brighter and happier! It also makes the kids want to play outside!

  • This week take some time to create your own sun!
  • Feel free to be creative! Use the supplies that you have a home and create some sunny weather at your house!

Please send me a picture of your sunny weather!

Week 6 Art: Stormy Day

The weather man says that the weather will be mostly raining this week so hopefully he is correct and this project is appropriate!

  • Create for me a stormy day scene. You can be as creative as you like and use any materials that you like!

Please send me a picture of your stormy day!


Week 5 Art: hand print bunny

  • You will need a piece of coloured paper or a blank piece of computer paper.
  • An adult will trace the student’s hand and the student can colour the bunny any colour they choose. If you have coloured paper, no colouring is required.
  • Students will cut out their hand and bend the middle finger back to create the ears and bend thethumb and pinkie finger forward to create the arms.
  • Students can colour the face and ears

Week 4 Art: Spring tulips

As I go for my daily walks, I can’t help but notice the beautiful tulips coming up in people’s front yards!

  • You will need a piece of printer paper and some paint. If you do not have paint, you can draw a picture with pencil crayons, felts or even crayons if you like.
  • The flower portion of the tulip was created by dipping a fork into paint and carefully placing it on top of the stem.
  • I recommend doing the stems first!


Week 3 Art: Fingerprint Chicks and Bunnies

  • Using a piece of printer paper, draw a Spring scene with grass, trees, sunshine and any other details that interest you.
  • Using paint and a finger or thumb print add chicks and bunnies to your picture. If you do not have paint, you can draw them in with pencil crayon.
  • Add the animal’s details with a black marker or pencil crayon.

Please send me a picture of your Art.


Week 2 Art – Spring Chicks

  • If you do not have any yellow construction paper at home, you can use white printer paper and the children can colour it yellow.
  • Facial features can all be drawn on if you don’t have fancy supplies.

Please send me a picture of your chick!


Week 1 Art – Spring Trees

This past week as I was out for my daily walk, I noticed that the trees are beginning to blossom. This is the inspiration for our Art this week:

See if there are any trees in your yard or street that are beginning to blossom. Create a Spring tree with blossoms. Here are several examples:

If your Art supplies are limited, you can take a piece of printer paper and draw me a a winter tree trunk with bare branches and colour it brown with your pencil crayons and then use several shades of pink pencil crayons to draw in the blossoms.

If you have paint and construction paper, then the sky is the limit!

Please take a picture of your finished Artwork and email it to me so that I can put it into your file!