Christmas Decorating Party

November 28th, 2019

The students are eagerly awaiting our decorating party on Monday. I am slowly, but surely getting organized for the very busy Christmas season. So far the volunteers that I have are:

SNACKS: Orrell, Dancocks, Orsi, Bos, Mosqueda

PARENT VOLUNTEERS: Kennedy, Bos, Gadiano, Coburn

I could use one more parent helper if you are available! If I have missed your name on my list, could you email me to let me know?


New Spelling List

November 28th, 2019

I will introduce the Spelling words on Monday, December 2nd and test them on Friday, December 6th.

in, by, out, to, up, on, over

Christmas Count Down

November 26th, 2019

We will be starting our Christmas Count Down on Monday, December 2nd. The students are excited to see the special activities hidden underneath each page!

Cold Weather

November 26th, 2019

They are predicting cold weather to come our way starting tomorrow. It is our goal to get the kids out each day to run off some of their energy and to get their recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day. It would be a big help if the students could wear a jacket, bring warm boots and gloves and scarves if they need it! They still feel like they don’t need a coat as the sun is shining, but this will be changing!

Salvation Army Food Drive

November 26th, 2019

Thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity so far in our annual food drive. The children have made 585 points for our team in only 2 days with cans of vegetables and money! We have packed two big banana boxes full of cans.  Thank you so much for your support as we work together to bless kids in our community this Christmas.

Jobs in the Community

November 25th, 2019

In the month of December, we will be doing a Social Studies unit called “Jobs in the Community.” I would love to have some parents come in and talk about their jobs to the kids. We can be flexible in the times that you are available to come in. Please email me if you would like to join us and teach us about your job!

Primary Christmas Concert

November 22nd, 2019

Our Primary Christmas Concert will be held on December 19th at 1pm. This year the Grade Ones will be dressing up as angels. We will be memorizing Luke 2: 8-14. Any help with memorizing the scripture will be welcome!

Classroom Volunteers Needed

November 22nd, 2019

I am still in need of classroom volunteers for our Christmas decorating party on December 2nd from 1-3.

I am in need of 4 parent helpers and 1 snack.

Spelling List

November 22nd, 2019

Here is the new Spelling List for next week. I will introduce the list on Monday, November 25th and test it on Thursday, November 28th due to the pro d day on Friday!


good, last, fish, odd, hill, step

Knight Day and Bowling

November 21st, 2019

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Knight Day and we are going Bowling! Also, if you have pre ordered, there is hot lunch!