School Fundraiser for Classroom in Guatemala

January 24th, 2022

2022 Guatemala!!

As a school, Highroad has linked with Compelling Love Ministries in Guatemala since 2014.  We have built classrooms in 4 villages.  If a village can provide a classroom then the government will provide a teacher in Guatemala.  The classrooms we have built have changed the futures of these villages and their kids. As the leaders of Compelling Love, Rocky and Karren Chupa work closely with a pastor in the village and this also brings an opportunity for spiritual impact.

For so many reasons it seemed clear that we couldn’t launch a mission trip this year.  We are praying that opportunity might be possible in 2023.  As a school we feel led to focus on something “outside of our community” and we are planning on building a schoolroom in Guatemala.  Looking beyond ourselves will help us to know that God is at work, that we are blessed and that we can still be a blessing.  This year’s village, Cerrania Los Mayas, has 45 families and 70 students whose present “school” is pictured on the right.

We are having 2 pay-to-wear (minimum $2) casual days- Feb. 14th  and Apr. 13th for the whole school.  On both days there will be a hot lunch fundraiser with all profits going to the building fund.  Please note, too, that larger donations can go through City Life Church and receive a tax receipt.  The cost for a classroom to transform a village is about $7000.

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