It’s time to get ready for school!

March 29th, 2020

Hello, Students and families!

With the emails coming frequently from the school, there is tons of information to process for us both! Let’s take it one baby step at a time and know that we are going to get this thing moving slowly, but surly. I know that we both need to learn some new technology and that can be scary! We can do this and do it well! I don’t want to fill your in box with information, but for the coming week, I will be sending you one post a day as we work together to get started.

I will be creating some short, silly videos for you to share with your student and then have a small organizational job for them to accomplish that day. This is my first scary technology to learn: how do you embed videos into your blog? This is my first attempt! I hope it works and makes your kids smile.

Please share this video with your Grade one peep!


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